TET Kings Theatre

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In June 1916, a committee called Stratford Pictures and Amusement was formed, the aim of which was to raise £8000 for the purchase of His Majesty’s Theatre from Mrs Diamond. The first general meeting was held in October that year and plans were subsequently made for the removal and construction of a new building.

In 1917 the name 'King’s' was approved and the theatre was open and operating by 1919. The theatre has a unique cinematic history as it was the first theatre in the Southern Hemisphere to play 'Talkies' films, pictures with sound in April 1927.

The theatre also provides a stage and facilities for live performances and was first choice for actor Sir Ian McKellen (Gandalph of Lord of the Rings) to host a one-man show to raise funds for the Isaac Theatre in Christchurch, destroyed in the devastating earthquake on 22 February 2011.

The theatre is home to an excellent and interesting range of old movie memorabilia.

Movies are shown on a regular basis and even have a  'half-time' giving patrons an opportunity to purchase an ice cream, popcorn or a cup of coffee.


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Phone/fax: (06) 765 8255

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