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Tūtaki Youth Inc

Tūtaki Youth Inc is the ultimate Youth One-Stop-Shop, providing facilities and services to support young people to fulfil their potential.  The facility was opened in July 2013.

The multi-purpose youth facility located at 88 Juliet Street Stratford provides office space available for rent, computer suite, meeting room, commercial kitchen facilities, space for young people, a large gym and recreation space, and indoor/outdoor area.

It is a place where young people can go and feel safe, interact with their peers, be surrounded by positive role models, and have easy access to health and social services.

Young people have been involved in all aspects of the facility including decision making, planning, and delivery of programmes.  Meaning young people have ownership of the facility, and the programmes and activities that are run are relevant.


The idea of a youth space was first suggested by the Stratford District Youth Council in 2003 when they identified the need for a safe place where young people could go and spend time with their peers and access the services they need. From this idea, Youth Forums were held in 2008 by Stratford District Council and Mayors Taskforce for Jobs. At these forums the three most important needs identified by young people for young people were having a place to go, education training and employment opportunities, and health services.

The outcome of the forums was The Focus On Youth Project undertaken by the Stratford District Youth Council in 2009-2010 in partnership with Mayors Taskforce for Jobs and Ministry of Youth Development. The project was staged in two parts; a feasibility study to determine the need for a youth space in Stratford and a Project Plan for its development. The Project Plan was then picked up by existing community organisations People's Activity Centre, Central and South Taranaki Youth Development Trust and Central Rugby and Sports Club. These organisations worked with the Youth Council to finalise plans, source funding and see the project to completion.

As part of this process these youth organisations have merged to form Tūtaki Youth Incorporated Trust. They will provide and manage the facility, ensure the continuation of services currently in operation by the three organisations, and meet the needs of young people in the Stratford community moving forward.


For more information please contact Nelson Pulotu
Phone: (06) 928 4517
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


YouthWorks Stratford

YouthWorks is an accredited Social Service Whanau Ora provider, working with families and youth in Central Taranaki. They have an open-door policy where anyone can come for some support, advice, mentoring or just to chill and listen to musc, use the computers or play some pool or table tennis. 

They also have services such as Whanau Ora Kaiawhina, Support Workers, Youth Workers, Youth Nurse (by appointment) and Counsellors. 


For more information please contact Lovey Read.
Phone: (06) 765 0437
Email: aThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Address: Behind the Hall of Rememberance, Broadway, Stratford