Mission, Vision & Values

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Mission Statement

To serve the District and its communities through advocacy, promotion, services, facilities and positive leadership.


Our Vision

A progressive, prosperous district where communities are celebrated.


Our Values


Be loyal to the organisation and trustworthy, honest and courteous with everyone we deal with.


Work together in the same direction, assist each other and have respect for others.  Maintain a positive attitude and encourage teamwork.


Be effective in everything we do using our experience and knowledge.  Do the right thing at the right time.  Be efficient by being cost-effective and ensure prudent management of public money and assets.


Take pride in our performance and our organisation.


Have commitment and respect for each other, our business and our customers.


Examine alternatives, challenge the obvious and have a flexible attitude.


Customer Service Charter

Stratford District Council is dedicated to having commitment and respect for each other, our business and our customers.  We will be honest, courteous and efficient and use our knowledge and experience to be effective by doing the right thing at the right time.  We support a culture of innovation by examining alternatives, challenging the obvious and having a flexible attitude.

Our Customer Service Charter establishes a consistent customer service standard across all Council business, regardless of whether our customer is borrowing a book, going to the pool, or lodging a building consent.

A copy of the Charter can be accessed below. 

Customer Service Charter