Percy Thomson Trust

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Late Stratford businessman and former mayor Percy Thomson, by his will, left the district a significant bequest to be used and applied towards the establishment and maintenance of an arboretum and herbarium of the native flora of New Zealand, and an art gallery, all of which were to be vested in a Board of Trustees that were to be elected or appointed by the Stratford District Council.

The Council has established a charitable trust known as the 'Percy Thomson Trust' for the objects set out in the Trust Deed.

The Council, using the funds available, has established an arboretum, herbarium and art gallery which are respectively known as the Thomson Arboretum, the Thomson Herbarium and the Percy Thomson Gallery.  By a Trust Deed and by a subsequent Deed of Transfer, the Council has recorded the formal vesting of the Thomson Arboretum, the Thomson Herbarium and the Thomson Gallery in the trustees of this Trust.

The Trustees have agreed to act as Trustees of the Trust and to be responsible for the ongoing management of the Thomson Arboretum, the Thomson Herbarium and the Percy Thomson Gallery.

Statement of Intent 2020 - 2023

Annual Report

View the 2018/19 Percy Thomson Trust Annual Report

Half Yearly Reports

View the Percy Thomson Trust Half Yearly Report as at 31 December 2019

Objects of the Trust

The objects for which the Trust is established are, to the extent that they are a Charitable Purpose within New Zealand, as follows:

  • to receive the Thomson Arboretum, the Thomson Herbarium and the Thomson Gallery and to be responsible for the ongoing establishment and maintenance of an arboretum, herbarium and art gallery in Stratford
  • to manage the Trust Facilities and to create, acquire, promote, exhibit and manage the Collections for the benefit of the inhabitants of the Stratford District and the public generally
  • to endeavour to achieve the objectives the Council sets for the delivery of services in respect of the Trust Facilities as negotiated and set out in the Charter, the Business Plan, and the Strategic Plan
  • to implement the Council's policy as revised from time to time for the development and enhancement of the Trust Facilities with an emphasis on Stratford and in accordance with the Charter, Business Plan and Strategic Plan
  • to provide advice to the Council on the Council's long term policy for the development of gallery services in Stratford
  • to establish exhibition programmes and education policies for the Trust Facilities
  • to develop acquisition, de-accession and collection development policies for the Trust
  • to provide all financial, administration, marketing, technology and services required for the Trust Facilities
  • to determine charges for viewing or using any of the Trust Facilities and the Collections with a view to generating appropriate revenue and encouraging public enjoyment and utilisation of the Trust Facilities and Collections
  • to house and care for any art collections, antiquities or other articles acquired by, loaned, created or otherwise made available to the Trust and particularly to preserve and maintain the Collections (subject to any de-accession policies developed by the Trustees)
  • to lease land or other assets where the Trustees determine that such land or other assets can be used in conjunction with the Trust Facilities or to promote the objectives of the Trust
  • to solicit and raise funds and carry out such activities as are necessary or conducive for the carrying out and giving effect to the objects of the Trust
  • to encourage and foster liaison and co-operative activities with related facilities, particularly those in the Stratford District
  • generally to do all acts, matters and things that the Trustees consider may advance the objects of the Trust.


The Trust Deed provides that there shall be not less than six nor more than seven Trustees, and that these Trustee’s shall provide governance to the Trust as per the terms of the Trust Deed.

Visit the Percy Thomson Art Gallery site here.