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Hidden Realms Exhibition
From Friday 13 December 2019
To Sunday 19 January 2020
Contact Rhonda 067650917

Curated by Donna Willard-Moore

Hidden Realms  is about the systems of thinking we live inside.  Some would call it culture or styles. Various histories and philosophies name and explain these styles and thinking structures; but you can often find longer threads linking to ancient history.

You can recognise the process of forming and passing ideas in literature and arts.  These cultures shape choices about our lives based on limiting or expanding the possibilities open to us at a given time. 

Carl Jung's archetypes are a good example of recurring themes or images in artists’ works. Perhaps it would be better to call it ‘What they are on about’ or later in their careers, 'what they are known for'.

A grouping of artworks reveal the presence of this hidden realm; a cultural system we think of as normal. However, new ideas create new art, culture, new thought forms, and new insights. Art has begun to signal a cultural change; thus artworks often signal world changes.

Join us at the opening event and discover what realms you think about and enjoy and the hidden ones  that will be new and fun discoveries.

Location Percy Thomson Gallery, Prospero Place, Stratford