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See Nothing Truth/Lie Dichotomy Exhibition
From Friday 15 December 2017
To Sunday 28 January 2018
Contact Rhonda 06 7650917

Curated by Roger Morris, the central theme of the exhibition is political in nature, begging the question ‘What is truth and what is lies?' How is our reality shaped and how do we make sense or find truth behind local, national and global events that shape—or have been manipulated to shape—our thinking and view of the world?

Percy Thomson Gallery director Rhonda Bunyan has invited well-known Taranaki artist Roger Morris to be guest curator for an exhibition titled See Nothing: Truth/Lie Dichotomy.

“Our current collective mood of uncertainty and insecurity about what the future holds will be reflected in many of the works in this exhibition. Who do we believe? Who can we count on? Who can we trust? Who is accountable?” says Bunyan.

Roger Morris, the policeman turned professional artist, grew up in central Otago. He now lives in his self-built home on Oeo Road, South Taranaki with renowned artist, Marianne Muggeridge. 

Much of Roger’s work focuses on what he carefully explains as the ‘truth/lie dichotomy’, or two realities existing in one moment. His thought processes are ultimately depicted in his art which he uses to express and to help process his thinking on global, cultural and political events. 

Roger has spent years scrutinising the body of conflicting evidence behind the 911 attacks (represented in much of his current body of work) and believes ‘that an inversion of meaning/reality/truth [the truth/lie dichotomy] is present at all stages of the official account’. 

Roger suggests his art is not exploitative. ‘Art is a language beyond speech. It is the last free place to be’.

Roger has brought together an impressive line-up; Ngahina Hohaia, Dan Levin, Johnny D Painter, Alby Carter, Dale Copeland, Raewyn Turner, Wayne McVicar , and Arlo Edwards.

Location Percy Thomson Gallery, Prospero Place, Stratford