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International Collage Exchange Exhibition
From Friday 25 August 2017
To Sunday 17 September 2017
Contact Rhonda 067650917

From September, the 19th International Collage Exhibition/Exchange will be showing at the Percy Thomson Gallery, and also online on the Virtual Tart website at www.tart.co.nz


For the past 19 years collage artists from around the world have each sent 13 collages to Dale Copeland in Puniho. One from each artist is shown in Stratford and offered for sale there and online. Another from each artist (called ‘The Collection’) is shown online forever, and will be sent to be part of the permanent collection of the Musee ArtColle in France. The other 11 from each artist are exchanged as fairly as possible, between other artists, and a package of exchanges sent back to each participating artist.


Copeland keeps on doing it, partly as a service to artists whose chosen medium may not be mainstream, but mostly because she gets the excitement of unwrapping all this artwork, and, of course, of getting first choice of the exchanges! You should SEE the collection that she has personally put together over the years.











Location Percy Thomson Gallery, Prospero Place, Stratford