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Connections 2017
From Friday 31 March 2017
To Sunday 30 April 2017
Contact Rhonda 06 7650917

Connections 2017 comprises five female Taranaki artists who explore the pathways through which their art has taken them, connecting them in a common thread of artistic exploration. Antonia O’Mahony work’s mainly in etching and drawing but lately she is has been experimenting with media she has only touched on in the past. For Connections 17 she exhibits work created in her home studio in the past year in both printmaking and other materials. Dorothy Andrew’s work is greatly influenced by art nouveau, surrealism and ancient crewel embroidery.

She uses these influences to create works which express her love of the natural environment and concern that very little of it is truly natural any more. Jenny Bielawski’s focus for the past six years has been about bringing knitting into the fine arts arena. In this exhibition, she is concentrating more specifically on actual stitches that help to represent trees for the work White forest. Viv Davy’s current body of work is reflecting the disruption to the world of people with current global political climates while also reflecting the collapse of the natural world under the pressures of climate change. In a period of profound upheaval and uncertainty both physically and socially, Viv’s symbolic making explores these changes and their interconnectedness through reflective observations. Juliet Chell is a multi-disciplinary artist, working across sculpture, drawing, painting and printmaking. Her work is informed by cultural and social issues, including information technology and the influence it has on our lives.

Location Percy Thomson Gallery, Prospero Place, Stratford