New Rubbish & Recycling Collection

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The new and improved rubbish and recycling collection begins on 1 October.

The three district council's in Taranaki (New Plymouth, Stratford and South Taranaki) have banded together to save you money in a region-wide approach to our rubbish. From 1 October, Envirowaste will be taking charge of our weekly pick up instead of Waste Management. What this means is that we'll be recycling a greater range of recyclables and introducing a separate glass collection which will result in less going to the landfill.

Your new crate

rsz 1rsz glass crate in circle

Each household on the collection route will be delivered a new blue crate to your property during September.  This will be for glass only. Please store it safely away until 1 October. 

If you put this crate out before 1 October it will not be picked up.


Changes for Stratford

  • Additional 60L blue crate for recycling glass collected on a fortnightly basis
  • Expanded range of recyclables (numbers 1 – 7)
  • All collections will be on a Monday
  • Retains weekly collection of general waste
  • Recycling collection increased to fortnightly

What's next?

  • Blue Crates and a how to guide will be delivered during September.
  • The new crates can be used from 1 October.