Parking and Vehicles

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Council provides a range of parking services and facilities to make accessing the District easy and safe. 

Where can I park?

Free street parking is available on all streets within the Stratford urban area. A large free and time-unlimited public carpark area is provided between the Stratford District Council office and the War Memorial Centre on Miranda Street. This area is readily accessible to the centre of town through Prospero Place.

Parking Restrictions

Street parking in the central shopping area and near dairies is time limited and patrolled by a Parking Warden. Signs in these areas advise the length of time your vehicle can remain in the parking space.

There are no time limits for parking in the evenings from 5.00pm on and the weekends after noon on Saturday. Time limits start from 8:00am Monday to Saturday.

Disability Access

Five disability car park spaces are provided in the central shopping area. These are located:

  • On either side of Broadway beneath the Clocktower
  • Two next to the Stratford Public Library / Prospero Place
  • Regan Street (west) next to the Medical Centre.

These parking spaces may only be used if you have and display a current Mobility Card.

Motorcycle Parking Spaces

Motorcycle (including motor scooter) parking spaces are provided on either side of Broadway beneath the Clocktower. Other types of vehicles are not permitted in these spaces.

Unwarranted or Unlicensed Vehicles

Stratford District Council also issues infringement fines to the owners of vehicles which are unwarranted or do not have a current vehicle registration.

Parking Infringement Notices

The owner of any vehicle parked in contravention of either traffic laws or the Bylaw parking restrictions will receive an Infringement Notice. This must be paid to Council within 28 days. At that time you will receive a Reminder Notice giving a further 28 days for payment to be made. Any payment outstanding after this time will be referred to the District Court and Court costs will be added.

Parking infringements can now be paid online. Click here for more information.

What if I don't agree with the notice?

If you do not agree with the "ticket" you can write into Council giving a detailed explanation of why you should not have received the fine.

Council will cancel a ticket if it is:

  • a first offence, and
  • the parking was not inconsiderate, dangerous or contrary to the traffic laws, or
  • the necessary warrant or licence is produced to Council within two weeks

Either post or email the waiver application form to Council.

You also have the right of appeal on any parking or other stationary vehicle offence by appearing at the District Court.

Cycles & Skateboards

Where can I cycle and skateboard?

Both cycling and skateboarding are encouraged in the Stratford District. The skateboard bowl is located in Victoria Park, on Orlando Street and skateboarding is permitted in almost all public areas of the District.

Stratford District is great for cycling. With the exceptions of Broadway and State Highway 3, the district's streets and roads have low traffic volumes. Please note, however, that particular care must be taken when cycling on many of the remote eastern hill country roads and gravel roads.

The Forgotten World Highway (State Highway 43) is part of the National Cycle Trail Network and links with the Whangamomona Road – a popular mountain biking route. Low traffic volumes, challenging climbs, stunning scenery and historic Whangamomona make this area very rewarding for longer distance cycling. Further information is available from the Stratford i-Site in Prospero Place.

In Stratford, the Leo Carrington Walkway, which follows the Patea River and its tributaries, is a shared use walkway for both cyclists and pedestrians. This walkway is a very popular family route and care must be taken at all times. The route mixes woodland park with upper catchment waterways to provide a tranquil and beautiful ride, suitable for both children and adults.

Prohibited Areas

The only areas prohibited to both cycles and skateboards (including roller blades and skates etc) are:

  • the footpaths around the central retail area, including Broadway, Fenton Street and Regan Street to one block back from Broadway
  • Prospero Place in the centre of town
  • The netball courts off Miranda Street next to the TET Stadium

These areas are not safe for either cycling or skateboarding due to high pedestrian numbers, cobbled surfaces and, in the case of the netball courts, the need to protect the surface from damage.

Please note that if you do ride a cycle or skateboard in these areas, your cycle or skateboard will be confiscated and you will be fined.

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