Creative Communities Scheme

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This grant aims to increase participation in the arts at the local level, and to increase the range and diversity of arts available to communities.

The amount of funding available is approximately $12,000 per annum.

Funding Dates

There are two funding rounds per year, in March and August.

Who can apply for funding?

An application be can made by an individual or group.  Individual applicants must be a New Zealand citizen or a permanent resident.

Projects or activities that may be funded

Projects that may be considered under this scheme should

  • have an arts or cultural focus
  • take place within the Stratford District
  • meet at least one of the three funding criteria
  • produce benefits which are largely experienced within the Stratford District, eg. the activity primarily draws its audiences from within the Stratford District
  • not have started before an application for funding is assessed
  • not have been funded by Creative New Zealand for the same purpose

Projects or activities that will not be funded

Funding will not be provided for

  • facility development
  • purchase of artworks for galleries
  • arts activities in education institutions normally funded through curriculum
  • retrospective
  • accumulate debt
  • catering costs
  • fundraising costs
  • local authority projects
  • salaries
  • prize monies
  • retrospective costs
  • debt servicing costs
  • philanthropic organisations whose primary purpose is to give funds to other groups.

Project Reporting

All recipients of funds from the Creative Communities Scheme (CCS) must complete a Project Completion Report form within two months of completing the project. If you do not complete and return this form, you will not be eligible for future funding through this scheme.

August 2019 Funding Round

The next funding round for Creative Communities Scheme opens 5 August 2019.

Further Information

For further information contact Rhonda Vanstone, Administration & Communication Support Officer, Community Services on(06) 765 6099.