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Stratford District Council is one of more than 20 councils that are working together to bring consistency to the building consent process. The vision of the initiative, called GoShift, is to deliver a consistent and timely consenting experience with the aim of delivering simpler, faster building consents.

The partnership is supported by the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

The councils are now using consistent application forms and guidance. Please use these forms to make your application by clicking here.

To find out more about GoShift, you can visit the website at (SIMPLI).

Do I need a consent?

Generally speaking, you need consent when the proposed actions are more than maintenance. However, there are some exceptions. Visit for details. 

From 31 August 2020, additional building consent exemptions are being added to the Building Act. Building consents will no longer be needed for a number of new or expanded types of low-risk building work, like sleep-outs, sheds, carports, outdoor fireplaces and ground-mounted solar panels. For more details visit

How do I apply for a consent?

To apply for a building consent, you will need one of the following application forms and checklists.  Fill it out and bring it into Council. Deposits are not necessary. However, if the consent is for minor works requiring only one inspection, paying a deposit will speed up the process because the inspection fee is included in the deposit.

Deposits are usually $320.00. For more information on fees, view our Fees and Charges.

What do I need with my application?

As well as the application form, you will be required to provide job-specific plans and specifications (2 copies of all). Your designer will supply you with these. All plans must be no larger than A3 size.

Building Forms & Guides

Click here for all building forms and the checklist.

The checklist must be completed with all Building Consent Application Forms.

The Application Process

The building consent process takes time - up to 20 working days. Thorough and complete documentation with the application will save time.

While builders often obtain Building Consents on your behalf, they are NOT responsible for obtaining a Code Compliance Certificate. This is the homeowner's responsibility.

Your building is not considered legal unless you have obtained a Code Compliance Certificate upon completion.

Unless a specific extension of time has been requested and granted, you must have a Code Compliance Certificate within two years of the building consent being granted.

Stratford District Council is an accredited Building Consent Authority and its processing of building consents is subject to externally-audited quality management systems. 

To follow the progress of your application, click here.

Further Information

Any questions about the Building Consent process can be addressed to the Building Administration Officer (06) 765 6099 or by coming in to the Council offices, Miranda Street, Stratford.

In addition, you may find the Homeowner's Building Guide useful , as it helps guide homeowners through the building process. You can also visit the NZ Homeowners Building Guide website for more information.

Restricted Building Work & Licensed Building Practitioner Information

The Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment has a number of useful publications for Licensed Building Practitioners and homeowners regarding licensing and restricted building work.

See the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment website for more information.

Useful Links

The Essential Building Guide for Homeowners
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Bylaws Chapter 7 - Scaffolding and Deposit of Building Materials
Bylaws Chapter 9 - Nuisances
Bylaws Chapter 16 - Damage Deposit


Dangerous, Insanitary, Earthquake-Prone Buildings


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