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For any information regarding lost or impounded dogs, or if you have found a dog, please call Council 24 hours, seven days a week (06) 765 6099.

Dogs held at the pound can be viewed at any time by visiting the pound on Victoria Road. 

All dogs suitable for re-housing will be advertised in the Stratford Press.


Owning a dog

Things you need to know:

  • You are required to remove your dog’s faeces if your dog fouls in any place other than your own property
  • You are required to keep your dog under control and carry a leash at all times
  • Dogs are prohibited on Broadway between the roundabouts, Prospero Place and within 20 metres of any children's playground equipment on Council-controlled land
  • Dogs must be on a leash on any footpath or adjacent grass berm in the District
  • You may have up to two dogs over the age of three months on an urban property. If you wish to have more, you must apply for an Urban Dog Licence. Contact Council for more information.

Dog fees

Stratford District Council has four categories of dog ownership. We encourage responsible dog ownership, and place more appropriate costs on irresponsible dog owners.

The majority of dog owners will be automatically placed into the 'Good Dog Owner' category.

If extra steps, such as having the dog neutered and suitable fencing, are in place, you will be able to claim the 'Select Dog Owner' classification. This category rewards the dog owner with a 50% reduction on the current lowest fee.

However, all dog owners who, during the previous two-year period, have had a dog impounded, received a written warning, infringement notice, been prosecuted or not registered their dog by the due date will be classified as a 'General Dog Owner'. Such owners pay a higher fee. Rural dog owners can find themselves placed into the 'General Dog Owner' category for a two-year period for the same reasons as dog owners in the urban area.

If you are not already a 'Select Owner' you will need to apply. Applications must be in by the end of April. Fill out an application form at the Council offices, or by downloading, printing and filling in this form. 

Application for Select Dog Owner Status Form

Dog registration

Registration applications will be sent out in May. Dog owners must register their dogs by July 1  when the current registrations have expired. Registrations which are late by more than a month will cost 25% more.  Dog owners who register late for two consecutive years will move into a higher category for the next two years.

If your dog dies, you may be eligible for a part-refund of registration. Refunds are only applicable from the month of application.

If your dog is re-housed, or you change address, you must let us know within 14 days.

A Change of Details / Refund application form is available here.

Dog Infringements

Dog infringements can now be paid online. Click here for more information.

Further information

For all queries, problems or complaints, contact the Compliance Officer (06) 765 6099. After hours complaints are to be directed through the same number, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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