Intention to Sell Abandoned Land

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The Stratford District Council (‘SDC’) intends to exercise its statutory powers conferred by section 77 of the Local Government (Rating) Act 2002 in respect of the land described in the below schedule.
The SDC will apply to the District Court one (1) month after the date of this notice for orders:
a. Declaring the land abandoned; and
b. Authorising the SDC to sell or lease the land.
The SDC has the power to make this application because the rates for the land have not been paid to the SDC for three (3) years or more and the ratepayer for the land is deceased and has no personal representative.
Registered Proprietor - Albert Cracroft FOOKES
Area of Land - Midhirst
Title Identifier - TN5/185; TN5/186
A surveyed plan showing the parcels of land relating to the above certificates of title can be viewed at the SDC offices.
For any enquiries, or for more information contact Mark Weidenbohm, Director Corporate Services, 06 765 6099.
S Hanne