Proposed Road Stoppings - Section 342 Local Government Act 1974

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Pursuant to Section 342 and Schedule 10 of the Local Government Act 1974, Stratford District Council hereby gives notice of its intention to stop the unformed portions of two roads described in the schedule below, and dispose of the land in accordance with Section 345 of the said Act.

A copy of the plans depicting the roads to be stopped, SO 535469 and SO 533854, may be inspected at the Stratford District Council Service Centre, 61-63 Miranda Street, Stratford. Any enquiries regarding this matter may be directed to Neil Cooper, Special Projects Manager on 06 765 6099.

Any person wishing to object to these proposals may do so in writing so as to be received on or before 4.00pm on Friday 19 July 2019. Objections, setting out the reasons for objection, should be addressed to: The Chief Executive, Stratford District Council, PO Box 320, Stratford 4352.


• Section 1 SO 535469, containing 2130 square metres, being an unformed portion of York Road adjoining Lot 2 DP 457495.

• Section 1 SO 535469, containing 3868 square metres, being legal road adjoining Sections 2 and 12 Whangamomona Suburban, Sections 35 and 36 Block III Town of Whangamomona and Section 22 Block IV Town of Whangamomona.

S Hanne