Water Restrictions start for Stratford District

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The continuous dry weather has finally taken its toll on the water supply, with water restrictions being imposed on the Stratford District today.

Director Assets, Victoria Araba says, “River levels have dropped to a point where limiting water use is required to maintain minimum river flows and this means we must impose water restrictions.”

The water restrictions apply to those properties using the Stratford, Toko or Midhirst water supply, and mean a total ban on sprinkler and irrigation systems, and on unattended hoses. Handheld hoses may be used depending on your house number. Even-numbered houses on even days and odd-numbered houses on odd days.

Residents are asked to help conserve water by turning off taps and fixing leaking taps and pipes. For more tips on conserving water visit Council’s website here.

The restrictions will remain in place until further notice.