Guy Fawkes for Pet Owners

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With Guy Fawkes approaching, we have some tips on how to keep your pets safe.


The loud noises and bright flashes of light can be very frightening to animals and many can become highly distressed.
Here are some handy tips for pet owners:

Keep pets inside where possible, and keep windows and doors closed to minimise the noise and light.
Dogs and cats should be microchipped and have a collar with ID on them. If your pet panics and runs away, it will help reunite you with your pet.
Turn on music or the television to distract your pet.
Walk your dog prior to when fireworks are likely to start, or have a play session to tire your dog out.
If your pet wants to hide inside, let them, this is where your pet feels safe.
Stay home with your pet - they will be less stressed with someone they trust near by.
Move horses and farm animals away from fireworks. Make sure fences are secure and stable horses where possible.
If you are planning to set off fireworks, be thoughtful and let your neighbours know of your plans, so that those with pets and livestock can prepare accordingly.