Stratford Recycling Programme

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This year has seen Stratford District Council implement a few initiatives around rubbish and recycling.


The Waste Management and Minimisation Plan (WMMP) 2018-2023 was adopted earlier this year, and work has already began to implement its vision of ‘Towards Zero Waste’.
Beatrice Bjorn, from EnviroWaste, began auditing the community’s Recycling bins earlier this year. She randomly checks bins each week in conjunction with the recycling pick up, and uses a tag system to let the owner know if their bin complies or not. The programme has previously been implemented in other parts of New Zealand, with great success.
Four months on, there has been little improvement in Stratford residents’ recycling habits. According to Beatrice, “The most common non-recyclables I find in the bins are polystyrene, plastic bags and plastic wrap, particularly plastic wrappers that can be found on chocolate bars”. Beatrice advises that if unsure, people should put any ‘soft’ plastics in their general waste.
One of the most confusing items seems to be plastic lids. Larger plastic lids, such as those from ice cream containers or yoghurt containers are able to be recycled. However, smaller lids, such as those found on milk bottles or soft drink bottles are unable to be recycled in Taranaki at this time, due to the current machinery being used. These should be removed from the bottles and included in the general waste bin.
It is also important to note, that food and liquid should be removed from any containers prior to being put in the recycling bin. A quick rinse decreases the contamination in the recycling bin.
Another regular culprit found in the recycling bins, are takeaway coffee cups. “These takeaway cups can’t go in the recycle bin. Most of them are biodegradable, but they can’t be recycled due to the waterproof film they have on the inside of the cup. This is the same reason that milk cartons such as those used for soy or almond milk are unrecyclable. While they are a mix of paper and plastic, the wax lining means they need to go in the general waste bin.”
For a full list of what can and can’t be recycled, check out the recycling search or download the Stratford District Council Recycling App from the App store or Google Play.