Reducing your waste for Plastic Free July

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Join Stratford District Council for Plastic Free July.

Plastic-Free July is a global movement to collectively address one of the worlds greatest environmental challenges, plastic waste.
The Plastic-Free July campaign raises awareness of our growing plastic waste problem and supports behavioural change by helping people to avoid single-use (disposable) plastic. It is aimed to make us more aware about the amount of plastics in our lives. As a collective, taking small, daily actions to minimise our plastics adds up to create a movement with measured impact.
Stratford District Council’s vision for the newly adopted Waste Management and Minimisation Plan (WMMP) 2018 is ‘Towards Zero Waste’. Council’s goals are to maximise opportunities to reduce waste to landfill, reduce the harmful and costly effects of waste and to improve efficiency of resource use. With this in mind, Plastic Free July is a great opportunity to get into a new habit by choosing to refuse single-use plastic for the month.
Council will be sharing some simple tips throughout July to help people reduce their plastic use.

Here are four simple tips for reducing household waste:
• Refuse to accept single-use rubbish such as straws or plastic bags.
• Reduce your waste consumption by taking multi-use bags for shopping and having reusable food-wraps.
• Reuse materials more than once. Go to work or school with a waste-free lunch. Try and go for zero packaging and only use reusable containers.
• Recycle glass, plastics, paper, cardboard and tin through the public recycling service at the kerbside or at your nearest transfer station.

Not sure what can be recycled? Check out the Recycling search on our website.

Or download the Stratford District Councils Recycling App from the app store or google play.

Mind the plastic wrap

  • Choose loose produce at the supermarket. Use paper bags or resuable produce bags for your fruit and vegetables.
  • There are many ways of storing food without using plastic wrap. Try reusable containers, beeswax wraps or reusable lunch wraps to store food in your fridge or pantry.
  • Take your own containers for deli and butcher items - or ask your butcher to wrap meats straight into paper.
  • Take a reusable cloth bread bag for fresh bread.

For more information around Plastic Free July, visit the website