Stratford District Citizens' Awards 2018

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Nominations are now open for the Stratford District Council Citizens’ Awards and Youth Citizens’ Awards.

Every year, the Stratford District recognise hard working volunteers for being local champions for the district. Council welcomes nominations of people who reside in the Stratford District and have by personal leadership, inspiration and devotion to a cause, made a significant contribution to the well-being of the district and its citizens.
Mayor Neil Volzke says “For more than 25 years the district has acknowledged those who have given significantly to the Stratford District and I encourage community groups to nominate and support individuals from within their organisations who they feel have made an outstanding contribution.”
The Youth Citizens’ Awards are aimed to celebrate outstanding youth in the Stratford District, with nominees needing to be aged between 12 and 24. A successful nominee will have demonstrated a broad community base influence and either an outstanding academic success, sporting achievement or arts and cultural achievements.
Criteria have slightly changed this year, with the requirement to have held a senior position in an organisation being dropped. “This is to allow consideration of people who have worked away quietly in the background, doing the hard graft, but don’t always get recognised. It doesn’t detract from the prestige of the awards but it does open the door for more nominations,” Mayor Neil Volzke explains.
In addition to the Citizens’ Award, a new award has been created, “Outstanding Citizen”. When presented, this award will be selected by the committee and seeks to acknowledge a person who has made an extra special contribution to the community. This could be in relation to a particular event or maybe a previous winner of a Citizens Award who has continued to contribute for many years since their original award.
Nomination forms for the 2018 Citizens’ Awards and Youth Citizens’ Awards are available from here, or can be picked up from the Council Service Centre on Miranda Street, or the Stratford Library. Nominations close Friday 1 June and a presentation evening will be held at the end of July.

CLICK HERE to see a full list of previous winners, and to download our nomination form