Resealing programme to start - February 2018

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The first stage of the 2018 reseal programme in Stratford will begin on Wednesday 14 February.


Every summer Council undertakes its road resealing work. Roads require resealing for a number of reasons including when cracks or potholes start to appear, or they become slippery.

Resealing works are undertaken during summer as the hot weather is needed for the mixture to set, with the resealing process usually taking up to five days to complete.

The first stage of the 2018 reseal programme begins on the 14 February. The streets being resealed in stage one are:
• Orlando Street between Lear Street and Celia Street
• Orlando Street between Romeo Street and the Railway Crossing
• Ariel Street between Pembroke Road and Seyton Street
• Ulysses Street

Properties affected by stage one of the resealing work will have received notification from Council’s contractors Inframax or Higgins.

Vehicles travelling in these areas are asked to reduce their speed to avoid the risk of the resealing chip being flicked up from the road surface.

The second stage of urban resealing will be undertaken in early March.

If you have any questions or issues please phone Council’s Service Centre 24 hours a day on (06) 765 6099.