Top 50 Things to Do in Stratford!

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A bucket list for young people is the latest creation of the Stratford District Youth Council (SDYC), who hope to inspire their peers to enjoy all that Stratford has to offer.

The Top 50 Things to Do in Stratford Before You Turn 18 lists a wide range of events and activities.

Deputy Chairperson Katelyn Bishop says the Youth Council had created the brochure with youth in mind, but it would appeal to people of all ages.

“It’s a passport to fun in Stratford and with 50 activities and events listed, you are bound to find something you will enjoy and hopefully people will discover something new,” says Katelyn.

SDYC launched the brochure at the Stratford A&P Show, which is just one of the events which makes their Top 50. There are plenty of free activities included to ensure no one misses out.

“We want people to love Stratford as much as we do and we’re pretty sure that if you manage to get through the whole list, you’ll be hooked,” says Katelyn.

The Top 50 brochure is available for free from Stratford i-SITE and Stratford District Council.