Get ready for summer reading

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Get Wild About Reading this summer with the Stratford Library’s Summer Reading Programme.

The Summer Reading Programme is for primary school aged children (ages 5–12) and helps to keep kids enjoying books and engaged with reading over the long summer school break.

Registrations forms are available now from the library, with registrations opening at 3.00pm, Friday 8 December.

To sign up call in and see the staff at the Stratford library. Children must bring an adult to register. Once registered,choose some books, and start reading! Kids will then need to report-in on the books they have read. The programme is free and participants get fun incentives each time they report-in. To report-in children simply call in and talk to a librarian about the book they have read.

All participants who report-in four times will get an invitation to the Summer Reading Programme Finale party on 26 January.

We look forward to you signing up and staying wild about reading over the summer!