New variable speed limit for Regan Street

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Stratford Primary School pupils can feel safer crossing the road with a new variable speed limit in place.

The creation of a 40km per hour variable speed limit zone along the frontage of the Stratford Primary School on Regan Street is the result of an independent traffic safety review commissioned by the school and presented to Stratford District Council.

Stratford District Council’s Roading Engineer Courtney Devlin says, “The variable speed limit is a significant improvement in managing traffic safety during peak busy times, before and after school.”

LED signage has been installed to indicate to motorists when the 40km speed limit is in place.

The main times the 40km per hour speed limit will be in force are between 8.25am to 9.00am and for a period of 20 minutes at the end of any school day.

“The school has the authority to control the variable speed limit at other times, such as when large groups of children need to cross the road on out of school field trips,” says Courtney.

The variable speed limit will only be in operation on school days. Outside of these times and days, a 50km per hour speed limit will apply.