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The King Edward Park Reserve Management Plan was adopted at the Stratford District Council’s Ordinary Meeting on Tuesday 11 July.

Chief Executive Sven Hanne says “The plan ensures clear direction for the future management of the reserve and through the consultation process the community has helped us to capture and prioritise a range of projects that will enhance King Edward Park.”

Following extensive public consultation, the outcome is 15 proposed actions including the development of dual walking and cycling tracks, developing wheelchair accessible tracks, as well as upgrading the Rhododendron Dell, and walkway signage.

The Reserves Act 1977 requires administering bodies to keep their Reserve Management Plans under continuous review. In line with this requirement, Council invited submissions from the public for the King Edward Park Reserve Management Review in early 2016.

The draft King Edward Park Management Plan was developed from this initial consultation and advertised for further public submissions in late 2016. The second round of submissions and proposed amendments resulted in the final draft which was approved by Council.

A full copy of the plan is available here on Council’s website.

The Victoria Park Management Plan is currently under review.