Midhirst water supply temporary shut down for Sunday 22 December.

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Midhirst water supply will be impacted by an urgent power outage on Sunday 22 December.

We have been informed that Powerco Limited is planning to switch off the power supply in the Midhirst area on Sunday 22 December 2019 between 9.15am and 12noon for urgent maintenance/repairs. 

The Midhirst water supply will also be impacted as part of this power outage, meaning those on town water supply in Midhirst will have no running water for the duration of the outage. 

After the power outage is complete, and water supply is restored to your property, you may need to clear air or discolouration from the water, if so please run your taps for 5 minutes. If you continue to have a significant loss in flow or pressure after the outage, please contact Council 24/7 on (06) 765 6099.