Wishing you a happy and Zero Waste festive season!

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Summer is here and it’s soon time to relax. It’s also time to sort out your Christmas presents and it’s a perfect time for some great Zero Waste summer tips to help you go green over the holidays.

material christmas wrapping

Christmas present wrapping
There’s one sure fire way to cut down what we throw away, just don’t buy it in the first place. Consider the three “R”s! 

This can be as simple as taking some time to think if you need to buy it. Think about the packaging and make a good choice to buy the product that has less, or is recyclable and use less wrapping paper where possible. Try popping your gift into a recycled paper shopping bag and tie a small material ribbon on the handles. You can write the person’s name on the bag and then they can reuse it for packing shopping!

Carefully remove the wrapping paper from your gifts so you can store and reuse the paper next year. This may be a bit challenging where children are involved though! Avoid using metallic wrapping paper which isn’t recyclable. Did you know you can use material to wrap presents? Wrap the material around the gift and tie the opposite corners together. Then pop the material away for next year! It looks great under your Christmas tree and is even better for our environment.

Recycling is a key part of our journey to Zero Waste and you can help by checking the right recyclable rubbish is going into your recycling bin. Contamination of recycling is a big problem for the whole of Taranaki and every little bit of thought and effort does count. You can check the recycling guide on our website or download the Stratford Rubbish and Recycling App from App Store or Google Play. It’s got a quick and easy to use recycling guide.

Green footprints website size

Only leave your footprints  
Our Stratford district has beautiful parks, reserves and walking tracks which are very popular. If you’re bringing a picnic, put your food in reusable containers and use reusable plates and cutlery. Use a stainless steel water bottle instead of plastic. Stainless steel keeps your water cooler and will last a long time, and don’t forget to pop any rubbish you do have into your back pack and dispose of it at home. 

A green future
Taranaki Councils have the vision of being Zero Waste by 2040. It’s going to take a lot of hard work and commitment from everyone to consider the three “R”s in everything we buy. It’s not easy being green. Even with the best intentions, it’s hard to have Zero Waste, but every little bit of change you commit to does help.

Stratford District Council wishes you a very happy and sustainable Christmas and New Year!

These tips were brought to you by our friendly Waste Minimisation Champion - Louise.