2018/19 Annual Report

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Stratford District Council adopted its 2018/19 Annual Report at the first meeting of Council on Tuesday 29 October 2019. A three page summary and the full report can both be viewed online here.

Chief Executive Sven Hanne says, the Annual Report looks at how we invested your rates and the services we provide for our district. “That’s the - what we do, why we do it and what it cost,” said Mr Hanne. 

Year one of the 2018-2028 Long Term Plan has been a busy year, with Council having a focus on planning for the future while continuing to deliver essential core services to meet current and forecasted needs of the community. 

Mr Hanne says, this has seen a number of new initiatives and projects get underway, including planning work for the new swimming pool and development of designs for the children’s bike park. Significant progress was also made on the much needed Council led residential subdivision off Pembroke Road, which was officially opened by Mayor Volzke on Saturday 2 November 2019. 

“Our core activities delivered key essential services throughout 2018/19, with long term goals in mind,” said Mr Hanne. All three of Council’s water schemes achieved full compliance and work continues on the most suitable solution to deal with the wastewater treatment long term. Following the roll-out of Ultra-Fast Fibre throughout Stratford, the annual footpath replacement programme got underway again, and Council invested significantly into the rural road networks to ensure they are safe to use.

“On top of this, our district provides a number of ways community members can come together and enjoy local activities and events,” said Mr Hanne. The report notes highlights from the last year as the ongoing high calibre of local and national exhibitions being showcased by the Percy Thomson Gallery; Whangamomona Republic Day, celebrating 30 years of “independence”; and the first community Puanga event, held in June 2019.

“Responses from our annual customer survey showed a high level of satisfaction. Once again good responses were received on Stratford being an attractive place to live (93% agreed), Stratford being a safe place (94% agreed), and Stratford offering a healthy lifestyle (96% agreed).”“The report’s Statement of Financial Position shows equity is less than we anticipated, which is primarily due to a decrease in the revaluation of Council assets which was completed as at 1 July 2018,” said Mr Hanne. 

The full 2018/19 Annual Report and the summary report is available here.