Sport New Zealand Rural Travel Fund now open

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The latest funding round of the Sport New Zealand Rural Travel Fund for people in the Stratford district opens today, Monday 14 October and closes Friday 8 November. 

Funding is available for people aged 5 to 19-years-old in:

  • a school club team participating in local sport competition in weekends, that excludes inter-school and intra-school competitions played during school time and/or;
  • a sports club team participating in organised sport competition through club membership outside of school time.

To apply, download the application form our website here, and return the completed form and all relevant documents to Stratford District Council no later than 4.30pm on Friday 8 November 2019.  

The Rural Travel Fund subsidises travel for junior teams participating in local sports competitions outside of school time. Stratford District Council is one of 35 territorial authorities eligible for rural travel funding because of the districts population density being less than 10 people per square kilometer. 

Stratford’s Sport New Zealand Community Sport Fund Committee determines the allocation of these funds for the Stratford district. The committee is made up of eight members including the District Mayor (Chair), three Stratford District Councillors and four citizens of Stratford district.

Director Community Services Kate Whareaitu says, “It’s important for young people living rurally to have the opportunity to participate in local sports competitions, and this fund helps achieve that.”

“While there is only a small pool of funds to give away annually, approximately $9,500, it’s important that rural sports teams continue to apply to these funding rounds for support towards their travel,” said Ms Whareaitu.

The above information, guidelines and application forms can be found on our website here.

Stratford district’s successful applicants from the latest funding round are below:

Applicant name  Reason for application  Amount granted 
 Eastern Districts Junior Hockey    Assist with travel for children attending weekly hockey games and training in Stratford.  $800.00
 Eastern Districts Netball   Assist with travel for rural primary school children (Rawhitiroa, Toko, Marco, Makahu and Huiakama Schools) attending netball trainings and games on Thursdays and Saturdays.  $1,200.00
 Eastern Basketball  Assist with travel for school children from three rural schools attending trainings and games for the Stratford Basketball Association’s primary school league.  $400.00
 Central Rugby & Sports Club  Assist with the hire and running of mini-vans to Eltham to take Eltham/Kaponga secondary school students home after training.  $900.00
 Stratford Eltham Junior Rugby Club  Assist with travel to weekly rugby trainings in Stratford and games throughout Taranaki.  $1,540.00
 Stratford High School  Assist with travel for students playing basketball, football, hockey and netball. $1,200.00
 Toko School  Assist with travel to Stratford Basketball Association primary school league.  $460.00
Toko Junior Rugby Football Club Assist with travel to and from trainings in Toko and games throughout Taranaki.Assist with travel to and from trainings in Toko and games throughout Taranaki. $1,035.00