Colour in the Park - Need to know

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Colour in the Park is back again, and Stratford District Youth Council are excited for an even bigger and better event than last year.

Tickets are now available to purchase from the Stratford i-SITE or online at

Here are a couple of tips for those wishing to take part in this year’s Colour in the Park:

• Dress the part and wear white - the more white that you wear at the beginning, the more colour you will see on your clothes at the end.

• Bring a small sandwich bag for your cellphone - Colour in the Park runners love to capture all the great moments from the event, by putting your cellphone in a protective bag, it will stop the colour from getting on your phone.

• Take a before and after photo - Snap a pre-race picture in your white tee, and then get another picture after the race once you are covered in colour. If you share your photos on social media, be sure to hashtag your post - #ColourInThePark #SDYC

• Run with friends, family and kids - Colour in the Park is a great event for all ages.

• Leave the animals at home - with the amount of people taking part in this event, we ask that you please leave your dogs (and other animals) at home.

• Bring a towel and baby wipes - these are essential for a quick clean up before you jump in your car to go home.