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Stratford is justifiably proud of its many parks, reserves and play areas.

King Edward Park

King Edward Park is located next to Stratford’s town centre, at the corner of Fenton and Portia Streets. Bordering the park are the TET Multi Sports Complex, Stratford Primary School, the TSB Pool Complex, the Centennial Restrooms, Girl Guide and Scout Den, and the Stratford Holiday Park.

Features of the park include the Malone Gates, built in 1923 as a tribute to Colonel William George Malone, who was killed at Chunuk Bair, Gallipoli, in August 1915.

Another popular attraction is the McCullough Rhododendron Dell. The Dell includes a pond, selections of rhododendron hybrids, azaleas, hydrangeas and native and exotic shrubs and trees.

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Victoria Park

Victoria Park is situated on Orlando Street. Previously known as the Fenton Street Domain, it was renamed in 1897 to commemorate Queen Victoria's 60 years' reign.

A lake is situated in the middle of the park and was once used by fishermen and boaters before becoming a home for ducks. A track surrounds the pond and the path leads walkers through an array of native plantings. The path caters for everyone, with seating and picnic spots.

The Victoria Park Memorial Gates, at the southwest corner, remind visitors of the sacrifice made by Stratford’s fallen soldiers in World War I. They were unveiled on Anzac Day, 1926.

To complement the gardens in King Edward Park, Victoria Park has its own rhododendrons planted alongside flowering cherry trees on the Fenton Street boundary.

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Windsor Park

Windsor Park is located on Cloten Road and gets its name from Shakespeare’s play 'The Merry Wives of Windsor'.

The park has giant miro trees alongside exotic trees to create an enjoyable setting for picnics and walks.

Windsor Park is unique in that it has a ‘beach’ located on the Patea riverbank, colloquially known as Windsor Park Beach. The stony riverbank offers the perfect spot to relax and swim at the beach ‘shark-free’.

Thomson Arboretum

The Thomson Arboretum, which adjoins Windsor Park, was created as a bequest from Percy Thomson, former mayor of Stratford. The arboretum represents the native flora and fauna of New Zealand and descendants of plants on the former Gondwana continent.