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Ensuring ratepayers get value for money begins with comprehensive planning and policies. Find out more about the policies of Stratford District Council below.


Allocation and Use of Sports Grounds

Anti-Fraud and Corruption

Appointment and Remuneration of Directors for Council Organisations

Asset Disposal

Asset Management

Building Consent Authority Complaint Policy and Process

Care of Children and Youth in Council Facilities 

Charges for New Wastewater System Connections

Child Protection

Citizens and Youth Citizens Awards

Community Archives 

Community Relationships

Conferences, Seminars, Tours

Council Vehicles

Credit Card

Dangerous and Insanitary Buildings

Discretionary Information In Land Information Memorandums


Development and Financial Contributions

Dog Control - View the Dog Control Area Maps here.

Easter Sunday Shop Trading Hours

Elected Members Travel and Expenses

Elizabeth Maree Watson Estate Fund

Fences on Road Reserve

Gambling Venues

Health and Safety

Housing for the Elderly

Infringement Notices

Kerbside Collection

Local Alcohol Policy

Local Approved Products

Management of Domains

Mayor's Relief Fund

Occupation of Unused Road Reserve

Paper Records and Archives

Pegging and Maintenance of Roads and Bridges

Petitions in Council Buildings

Presentations to Elected Members and Staff



Rates Postponement

Rates Remission

Remitting of Fees to Non-Profit Organisations

Revenue and Financing

Risk Management

Significance and Engagement

Smoke Free Environments - Council Buildings and Public Places

Stock Crossing and Races

Stock Underpasses

Street Trees

TAB Venue Policy

Temporary Road Closures

Treasury Management

Trade Waste 

Vehicle Crossings and Culverts

Water Supply to Rural Properties