Plans, Reports & Strategies

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Council’s plans, reports and strategies can be downloaded for your convenience. If you would like a physical copy, you can obtain this from the Council offices on Miranda Street, Stratford. Fees and charges for copies can be found here.

Annual Plans and Reports

Annual Plan

Annual Report

Long Term Plan

Strategies and Plans

Council plans and strategies aim to create a pathway for Council to follow to reach an ultimate goal. They are developed at the beginning of the planning process to outline Council objectives and develop an action plan to achieve those objectives.

Stratford District Council has a number of strategies and plans they implement, both individually and in conjunction with other organisations.

These include ...

Aerodrome Strategic Development Plan

Asset Management Plans

Community Development Strategy

District Plan

Dairy Farm Business Plan 2018- 2019

Economic Development Strategy 2012-2015

Stratford 2035

Reserves Management Plan

King Edward Park Reserve Management Plan

Victoria Park Reserve Management Plan 

Ultra Fast Broadband

Waste Management and Minimisation Plan

Other Reports

District Licenisng Reports

Hazardous Substances Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Industry Profile

Local Governance Statement 2020

Collaboration between Taranaki's Councils

Taranaki is a successful region with a history of strong regional unity. Its local government works as well as anywhere in New Zealand.  

Its Councils are noted for the way they come together, when necessary, to speak with one voice (often combined with its local MPs). The unity that Taranaki consistently brings to the table has provided great strength.

Taranaki is recognised as one of New Zealand's most successful regions with strong economic growth, good infrastructure, high quality amenities and a desirable lifestyle. A key reason why Taranaki consistently outperforms other parts of New Zealand across a whole range of economic, cultural, social and environmental measures, is the strong leadership and successful functioning of its local authorities over the past two decades. In other words, Taranaki is a successful region partly because local government works.

All four local authorities in Taranaki are efficient and effective in carrying out their roles and responsibilities. This is recognised by external audits and confirmed in everything from community surveys to credit ratings, strength of balance sheets, and financial and operational management.

Taranaki's councils work efficiently together and share services. Approximately 50 examples currently exist and further collaborations are constantly explored.  Taranaki's shared services are organised without an overriding body, avoiding the need for another layer of management and cost.

Our Councils have jointly a produced a booklet setting out our collective position and the principles for collaboration and shared services in Taranaki. The booklet also lists examples of how we are working together and sharing services for the benefit of the region.

Regional Collaborations and Shared Services