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All Stratford District Council forms can be found here.

Alcohol Licencing

Application for Club Licence - Form 5 
Application for Club Licence Renewal - Form 5
Application for Manager's Certificate - Form 17
Application for Manager's Certificate Renewal - Form 19
Application for Off-Licence - Form 4
Application for Off-Licence Renewal - Form 4
Application for On-Licence - Form 3
Application for On-Licence Renewal - Form 3
Application for Special Licence - Form 6
Application for Special Licence - Public Notice - Form 8
Application for Temporary Authority - Form 16
Application for Variation or Cancellation of Licence - Form 14
CPTED Checklist for Licensed Premises
Notice of Management Change or Appointment
Objection to an Application for an Alcohol Licence
Public Notice of Application for Licence
Public Notice on Building
Public Notice for Newspaper - Form 7


Automatic Payment Form - Rates
Automatic Payment Form - Other
Automatic Payments - Conditions of Authority
Direct Debit Form - Rates
Direct Debit Form - Water
Direct Debit - Alteration Form
Direct Debit - Conditions of Authority
Internet Banking - Rates
Internet Banking - Other

         Building Forms & Guides

General Guides

General Guide to the Building Consent Process
Requirement to Fit Smoke Alarms
What to Expect from an Inspection
Restricted Building Work
Owner-Builder and Restricted Building Work
Amendments to a Building Consent
MultiProof Building Consents - Timeframes for Processing
Building Categories

The Building Consent Process

Building Consent Application
Checklist for Building Consent – Residential, Complex Residential & Commercial
Advice of Licensed Building Practitioner(s)
Woodfire Building Consent Application
As Built Drainage Plan
Building Consent Application - Extension of Time
Application for Code Compliance Certificate
Written Affected Persons Approval Form
Application for Certificate of Acceptance
Certificate of Acceptance - Notice to Owners
Application for Certificate of Public Use
Memorandum Certificate of Work
Memorandum Record of Work


Application for Compliance Schedule
Application for Amendment to Compliance Schedule (Form 11)

Land Information Memorandum (LIM) application form
Land Information Memorandum (LIM) Information Guide
Application for Swimming Pool or Pool Fence Certification
Application for Acceptance as an Independent Qualified Person
Application for Renewal of Acceptance as an Independent Qualified Person
Memorandum from Library Building Practitioner: Record of building work (Form 6A)

         Resource Consents

Application for Resource Consent
Deemed Permitted Boundary Activity Application Form
Resource Consent Checklist - Subdivision Controlled Or Limited Discretionary
Resource Consent Checklist - Subdivision Discretionary
Resource Consent Checklist - Indigenous Forest Clearance
Resource Consent Checklist - Mineral Extraction
Resource Consent Checklist - Signs
Resource Consent Checklist - Relocate
Resource Consent Checklist - Land Use - General
Written Affected Persons Approval Form
Affected Persons Approval - Information Sheet

Dog Registration

Application to Register Dogs

Public Forums

Information on Public Forums
Request to Speak at a Public Forum


Application for Health Registration

Food Safety

Application for Single-Site Food Business
Application for Multi-Site Food Business
Food Stall and Event Application Form


Application for Permit to Carry Out Work at Kopuatama Cemetery

Sport Grounds

Application to Sport Grounds - Casual Use

Application to Sport Grounds - Seasonal Use

Beauty therapy, tattooing and piercing bylaw

Application for registration/renewal